The Stones of Tears

Short Film Concept (Personal Project)

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  • Story Concept
  • Drawing
  • Character Design
  • Digital Painting
  • Modeling

Personal Experience

I created the concept for this short film for an assignment for a seminar during my bachelor studies. The story is based on a Peruvian legend. In the end, I really liked the story and the character designs, so I decided to continue to work on this project. I hope I will be able to create the complete short film during the next years because I think it will be a great experience, and a good way to improve my skills.

Project Summary

An Incan silversmith is given the honor to work for the king, who gives him a huge amount of silver. But before he can start his work, the silver is stolen from him. The silversmith is desperate, as he is now facing certain death for losing the kingʼs silver. Suddenly a blind old woman comes to his hut, kneels down, and starts to cry. With wonder the silversmith realizes that the womanʼs tears turn into drops of silver. However, it is the greed of the silversmith that turns this miracle into a nightmare …