Game (Masterʼs Project)

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  • Drawing
  • Character Design
  • Low Poly Modeling
  • Rigging
  • Animation

Personal Experience

I designed the abstract character for this game and modeled it in 3D with Autodesk 3ds Max. My work also included the rigging and animation of the character with Autodesk Maya. As this was the first time that I created a character rig, I gained a lot of knowledge about how this is done. Further, I learned much about how animations for a game have to be created. It was a great challenge to develop a design and way of movement for such an abstract character, but it also was a lot of fun, as I had much artistic freedom.

Project Summary

This game mixes jump 'n' run with puzzle elements in a classical 2.5 D setting. Everything is constructed of simple geometric forms, which creates an abstract world. The player can remove parts of the environment, and use these parts to build new forms. This core mechanic helps the player to solve the puzzles and progress through the game.