Bachelorʼs Thesis

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  • Writing
  • Character Design
  • Modeling
  • UV-Layouts
  • Sculpting
  • Texturing

Personal Experience

I chose this topic for my bachelorʼs thesis because I am always interested in new technologies, and wanted to see how well Ptex (Per-Face Texture Mapping) is integrated into the Autodesk programs. During the practical part of the thesis I modeled a mermaid in Autodesk 3ds Max, sculpted additional detail, and created the Ptex texturing in Autodesk Mudbox. During this work I learned a lot about human modeling. Finally, I exported the Ptex textures and rendered the model in Autodesk Maya with Mental Ray.

Project Summary

My bachelorʼs thesis “Ptex: Per-Face Texture Mapping in Theory and Practice” evaluated the technology behind Ptex and its integration into current Autodesk programs. For that purpose I compared the already existing texture mapping methods, and covered the theoretical background of Ptex. The thesis also includes a practical part, where the workflows with Ptex and with UV-Layouts are compared.