Magic of the Otherworld

Fulldome Show (Internship Project)

V-Ray icon

  • Modeling
  • UV-Layouts
  • Texturing
  • Shading
  • Cloth Simulation

Personal Experience

I modeled an old sailing ship for this fulldome show in Autodesk 3ds Max at Northdocks. This was my first big modeling project. I researched a lot of references for the look of the ship, and the cordage of the masts and sails. Further, I also textured and shaded the model using V-Ray. Finally, I made a cloth simulation for the sails blowing in the wind.

Project Summary

The show was created for a dome-based video projection environment that immerses the viewer. Aesthetic computer-generated images of different natural environments – like snowy mountains, mysterious caves, and the wide ocean – are arranged to the music of the harp, and combined with live-action footage of the harp player Christine Högl.