Letʼs Roll

Short Film (Bachelorʼs Project)

  • Drawing
  • Character Design
  • Lighting
  • Shading
  • Animation

Personal Experience

I created the basic character designs for this short film, which was the first time for me to create character sheets and I did not really know much about it back then. Further, I worked mainly on the lighting and shading of the characters and the environment with Autodesk Maya and Mental Ray. During this work I learned a lot about how shaders, textures, masks, and lights work together. Finally, I helped the other team members by animating a short scene.

Project Summary

An ostrich walks through the steppe, when suddenly a mysterious ball falls from the sky. Curiously the ostrich approaches the ball and starts to pick on it. The ball shrinks with each pick of the ostrich and tries to escape. But as soon as the ball is small enough the ostrich swallows it – now everything happens very fast.